5 Tips for Business Analysts who are job hunting

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If you’ve been out of the game for a while or if you’re looking for your next challenge in business analyst jobs, especially in Sydney, then these simple tips can help set you apart from the crowd.

The business market is a competitive one in this day and age so its best you’re at the top of your game. By updating your resume and LinkedIn profile regularly, being current and adaptable to the workplace, knowing your specialised areas inside and out, working on your soft skills, having a positive attitude and attaining professional certifications, this will help immensely in finding your dream job.

1. Having a resume that stands out

Having a resume which stands out is a key ingredient in the hiring process. Don’t have a resume which is just an overview of yourself – make a resume which presents yourself as a business analyst and one which highlights your business analyst skills and qualities. Target each position you go for in your resume. Don’t leave recruiters guessing or making assumptions about you. Structure your resume in a way where you explicitly express what your qualified to do and demonstrate your past and current experiences contributing to projects in business analyst jobs. Most importantly, use language from the job posting! That’s a sure-fire way to really engage each employer.

2. Be a subject matter specialist

There are various specialties and opportunities when it comes to business analyst jobs. Having specialist experience can make you more attractive for certain roles. However, you need to demonstrate your knowledge and passion and you need to know your specialised areas back to front. There is no point in trying to become a specialist in various areas if you don’t have a firm grasp on the area or a passion for it. Conduct your research and have a solid foundation on specialised areas, especially before going into job interviews.

3. Have a LinkedIn Profile

Having a LinkedIn profile is a must if you are serious and committed to finding your perfect job. LinkedIn is designed as a professional and corporate employment oriented social networking site. Professionals use this site to upload their resumes and showcase their talents, qualifications, capabilities and past experience. Most importantly you can network with other professionals in the same industry as well as companies you would like to be employed by.

4. Professional Certification

Having and portraying professional certifications allows you to demonstrate an array of skills and capabilities that you possess. When applying for a position, employers may not recognise past companies you work for, thus not understanding the workload. However, having professional certifications enables you to attach some authority to your application and capabilities, giving you a cutting edge to others who don’t have any qualifications.

5. Soft skills and attitude

Soft skills encompass your interpersonal skills and your ability to be innovative, your determination and your presentation. These skills are vital to have in any workplace, not just in a business analyst role. However, in business analyst jobs, these skills are just as important as your technical skills. Why these skills are vital is because so much of your work and time involve interacting with people, customers and stakeholders, and presenting complex information in a clear and concise manner. Presenting these skills in an interview leaves a positive impression on the interviewers and gives them a glimpse on the type of person you are and how well you will interact in the workplace.

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