At 7R Talent we do things a little differently.

Founders Christian and Neil have built the company on a simple winning formula: to provide a bespoke and consultative recruitment experience that exceeds both client and candidate expectations at every step of the relationship.

The team’s Barangaroo office is filled with highly experienced talent partners that are reliable, resourceful and responsive, which makes us one of the top recruitment agencies in Sydney for IT, project management and business analyst jobs.

One of the Top IT recruitment agencies in Sydney

Meet Our Team

Reliable. Resourceful. Responsive

The team’s daily mission is to prove that recruitment and recruiters can be refreshing, reliable, resourceful and responsive.

If you have any inquiries regarding the IT recruitment Sydney services we can offer you, do not hesitate to get in touch!

A business is only as great as its employees, which is why it is beneficial to have a professional team of recruiters on hand to find the right staff for your organisation. They are the team you can depend on to handle the task of filling job vacancies with the ideal candidates while you focus on your business.

We are specialists at filling a variety of roles for various organisations from: IT, project management, consulting or fintech and business analyst jobs. What separates us from other top recruitment agencies Sydney is the way we approach and deliver the recruitment process. We don’t just select a few candidates based on their skills but go through an extensive recruitment practice to provide a bespoke solution for your organisation.

Founders, Christian and Neil, know the importance of putting people first which is why they adopt a personalised approach when it comes to recruitment. They lead a team who believe in the importance of conversation, allowing organisations to describe exactly what sort of professionals they want to hire and outline their specific requirements. Then we set about working to find the ideal candidates to suit.

Why should you outsource your recruitment needs? The answer is pretty straightforward – our team can offer you an efficient solution that will not waste any of your resources. You don’t need to have a department dedicated to hiring new employees. Instead, you can rely on our specialised skills to do the job for you so your work flow is not disturbed. We use our experience, knowledge and skills to select only the candidates that meet the requirements you mention during our consultation.

We can facilitate the entire process. We can help you find the best employees for your company or if you’re a potential employee looking for a new position, we can offer assistance with your own career. There is no real reason for you to spend days interviewing countless individuals that may or may not be right for your company. We will take the time to learn more about your organisation so that we can customise our recruitment campaigns. Not all recruitment companies are the same and our team can show you what makes ours stand out of the crowd.

Our committed and capable recruiters are:

We don’t stop until we find the candidates that are ideal for your business. We will screen and interview applicants with the right set of skills before we select the ones we believe you should look closely at.

Our team relies on multiple channels and strategies to raise awareness of the positions available at your company so that we can further improve the pool of candidates.

As soon as you contact us, we initiate a consultation and act immediately to start the recruitment process.

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