How Much Do Project Managers Earn In Sydney?

Project Management Job In Sydney

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What Is A Project Manager?

A project manager is a person who oversees a specific project through all its processes until its completion; this includes planning, procurement, and execution. A project manager’s duty may vary depending on the nature of the project but it all involves the same thing, he or she has the responsibility and the authority to make the key decisions that will lead to a project’s successful completion. Among these include hiring the necessary manpower, mediating with all involved parties, and making sure that phases run within budget and schedule.

How Much Does A Project Manager Earn In Australia?

On average, project managers in Sydney earn at least AU$117,000 a year and may even reach up to AU$160,000 per year if commissions and bonus are included. This salary range also depends on several factors such as seniority, specialization, education, and the average budget per project. An entry level project manager, earns around AU$83,000 a year. A senior project manager in his late career can earn as much as AU$128,000 in a year.
The salary range also depends on the sector where the project manager will work. The first sector that comes to most people’s minds when mentioning project management is the construction industry. However, based on a survey by ABS Labour Force, the most in-demand industry among project management recruitment agencies is the Information Media and Telecommunications sector. The Manufacturing sector comes in a close second, followed by the Health Care and Social Assistance, and the Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services industry.

Different locations in Australia also offer varying salary ranges for project managers. Based on the entry-level national average of AU$99,000, salaries in Sydney are 4% higher than the average, just a point above Cairns at 3%. Ahead of Sydney are Perth and Townsville at 21% and 6% respectively. If you really want to make the most out of a project manager’s pay, then you can head over to Bunbury which has salary ranges of 24% higher than average, or take yourself up to Darwin which has the highest range at 46% more than average.

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