Why IT Jobs Are In More Demand Than Ever Before

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The world is becoming more technology centric and driven than ever before. Businesses and companies are adopting and adapting with technological changes to keep ahead of their competitors in their industries. Most businesses and companies these days who may not be in a technological industry, rely on technology to keep the wheels of their business turning. What does this mean for IT career hopefuls and for those wanting to start the IT recruitment process? That while IT recruitment in Sydney is competitive, there is more work for them than ever before.

What are the most sought-after IT jobs?

According to CIO US, the most sought-after IT jobs for 2018 included cloud engineers, developers, system administrators and data scientists.

The future landscape for IT jobs include cyber security, data science and software development. This is due to the continual growth of new and emerging software’s and technologies and for companies to keep up with these trends, they need specialists to set them up, help use them and protect them. Which is why there has been a growth for IT jobs and IT recruitment, especially around Sydney.

Sarah Stoddard from the job site Glassdoor states that “Emerging technologies will be key catalysts for the in-demand jobs we expect to see in 2019. From artificial intelligence, automation, virtual reality, cryptocurrency and more, demand for jobs in engineering, product, data science, marketing and sales will continue to rise in order to support the innovation happening”.

She continues to delve into the issue, where she explains that due to most companies, no matter what industry they are in, relying heavily on technology to function, the demand for these jobs will continue to increase. “As employers across diverse industries, from health care to finance to automotive and more, continue to implement various technologies to streamline workflows and boost business, the demand for top-notch workers who have a balance of technical and soft skills will continue to rise”.

Before you approach an IT recruitment agency, especially in Sydney, do your research! To stay competitive in this industry you must have the right skills and experience. Before applying for positions, or even if you’re still studying but want to find a competitive edge, research the skills, experience and requirements for jobs that interest you, so you don’t lose out when it comes to the crunch time and finding a job path which could potentially turn into a career for you.

The future is looking bright for those in the tech and IT jobs fields! Contact 7R Talent today to start the recruitment process to find your dream IT job. 7R Talent are one of the best IT recruitment agencies in Sydney because they know what to look for, how to get you prepared and matched to the IT job with the best fit for you.

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